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Main MSI B250M Pro-VDH

  • Giá: 1.950.000 VND
  • Model: Main MSI B250M Pro-VDH
  • Nhà sản xuất: Chính Hãng
  • Tình trạng: Mới 100% - Đã VAT 10%
  • Bảo hành: 36T
  • Mô tả:

HOTLINE: 0913804202 - 0938817378

Supports 7th / 6th Gen Intel® Core™ / Pentium® / Celeron® processors for LGA 1151 socket
Supports DDR4-2400 Memory
DDR4 Boost: Give your DDR4 memory a performance boost
Audio Boost: Reward your ears with studio grade sound quality for a HI-FI experience
EZ Debug LED: Easiest way to troubleshoot
Turbo M.2: Delivering Speeds Up to 32Gb/s, Intel Optane Memory Ready
X-Boost: Great tool to boost your USB & Storage performance
Doublo ESD Protection: Double layer grounding motherboard mounting holes
Military Class 5, Guard-Pro: Latest evolution in high quality components for best protection and efficiency
Click BIOS: Secure and Reliable UEFI BIOS solution